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Re: Change to U.T.C. based release times

Maybe also add GMT to the announcements to make it easier for the rest
of the world to calculate the time?

On 02/06/07, Benjamin Lewis <ben lewis benl co uk> wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Saturday 02 June 2007 15:26:37 Benjamin Lewis wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> A small-ish proposal, but one which would affect everyone - I propose
>> moving from a release time based on Eastern time, and hence affected by
>> D.S.T., to one based on U.T.C. - to this end I propose changing to 13:00
>> UTC - which is 10:00 EST and 11:00 EDT (those times may well be wrong,
>> but you get the idea! :)). My rationale for this is that it can get just
>> a little confusing trying to tell people the time of a release when its
>> been thrown by an hour due to D.S.T.
>> All thoughts (and corrections to the numbers, most probably) welcome.
> Everywhere that I listed the release time I thought I listed the UTC time as
> well.  Did I miss somewhere?
It is the fact that, due to D.S.T., there are _two_ U.T.C. times that
bothers me, hence imho we should move to an U.T.C. based time.
And no, I don't think you missed any.


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