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Orphans: openbox, obconf, obmenu

Hi, all.

With the 3.4 Preview releases of Openbox as well as related obconf and
obmenu releases, I'm officially putting these three packages into Orphan

I've been doing just "package monkey" work (version bumps, rebuilds,
etc.) for the past several months; but since I no longer use them, I
feel that I can't properly maintain them, and that my time is better
spent on my other work and packages within Fedora. 
I had mentioned on the Openbox mailing list that I would try to get the
Preview release stuff into CVS soon; but I just don't have the motive
for it any longer. Apologies for any inconvience this may cause.

Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
GnuPG Public Key ID: 0xFFC19479 / Fingerprint:
  DD68 A414 56BD 6368 D957 9666 4268 CB7A FFC1 9479
My Blog: http://thecodergeek.com/blog/

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