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Re: proposal: new guidelines for rule makers

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Hans de Goede wrote:
Hi all,

<humor, with a serious undertone>

Since those making packaging guidelines and other rules seem to be out of touch with the workfloor these days I would like to propose the following guideline for rulemakers:

Those making guidelines / rules within the Fedora project must actively maintain atleast 30 packages.

Rationale: How can one make rules if one isn't involved in that which is regulated oneself?


Packaging guidelines also cover licensing details which isn't connected to workflow. There are several other policies within the guidelines which involve some amount of politics (kernel modules anyone?). This rule would mean that everybody who proposes any drafts, folks in the packaging committee and FESCo would have to maintain 30 packages.

Yes it would, and that would be a good thing! Let the people building the distro decide how it is build! As for licensing issues, since RH is paying mosts of the bills at the end RH decided what is okay licensing wise, and to me they have earned that right, because "paying the bills" == "building the distro"



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