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Re: Don't put new packages through updates-testing

Hans de Goede wrote:

The 30 packages part was not serious, it was an example. The getting a clue part is not a joke,

Of course, not understanding cryptic messages was my fault. Instead of explaining like you did Ralf was to call people clueless and I wouldn't support that.

I know that and I very much value and appreciate all the work done by documenters, tranlaters, the infra structure team and all I forget. However I'm not participating in discussions about translations as I know very little about translations. Learn to know you're own weakness-es, and if you have little knowledge of something, then don't mingle yourself in discussions about it.

That does not mean that without being involved with 30 packages one cannot suggest improvements in the guidelines or workflow. Any attempt to restrict this is rather native.

Atleast so far you've shown little knowledge of testing.

That explains why I was involved with precisely that in my previous job.


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