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Re: The community has lost control... (Was: Re: Don't put new packages through updates-testing)

On Sunday 03 June 2007 10:53:39 Hans de Goede wrote:
> I do not expect anyone to update all niche pages of the wiki, but is it to
> much to ask to update a very important often consulted page like:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers/NewPackageProcess
> When there are workflow changes? Sure in about a week, when I hopefully
> truely understand how bodhi works, I could edit it myself. But I would
> expect the people introducing such changes to atleast show some minimal
> effort to keep the most important pages of the wiki under the
> PackageMaintainers/ hierarchy up to date.

Do be perfectly honest, I didn't know this page really existed.  I lost track 
of all the wiki places things were documented long ago, and since I knew how 
to do things I never looked it up.  I hate to say it, but we need another 
wiki page (:  One that covers the tasks of issuing changes to workflow.  Way 
back when I was a member of a change control board, and there was 
Representatives from various parts of the company and they would make sure 
your change draft covered everything they needed, and that would include 
changing the proper wiki page in this case.

Could not FESCO function in this way as well?  Changes require a draft, draft 
would include things like updating the proper wiki pages when the change goes 
into effect, and things like a rollback plan.  Can we discuss this at our 
next FESCO meeting?

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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