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Announcing Quarticurve: Unofficial Bluecurve Qt 4 port

Hi everyone,

I'm announcing the project I've just spent this night on. Forgive me if this 
announcement sounds bad, one can't sleep and code at the same time, so I'm 
pretty tired now. ;-)

WARNING: This is an early alpha version (a one-night hack), it is NOT ready for 
production use yet! See the "Is it stable?" question below.

* What is Quarticurve?
Quarticurve is a port of Red Hat's Bluecurve widget theme (taken out of 
redhat-artwork 7.0.0) to Qt 4. (I started from the Qt 3 theme.) This port is 
NOT endorsed or supported by Red Hat.

* Where does the Quarticurve name come from?
A contraction of "Quartic" and "curve". Where "curve" comes from should be 
pretty obvious, as for "Quartic", it contains 'Q', 't' and conveys the idea 
of '4'. :-)

* What license is Quarticurve under?
GPL version 2, just as Bluecurve.

* Is it stable?
Not yet. I don't know about crashes (though I can't exclude them), but there 
are definitely several rendering glitches needing to be fixed before this is 
really usable.

* I want to test it anyway / send patches, where do I get it?
(You need p7zip to extract the archive.)

* What about the KDM theme?
I'll consider porting that to KDE 4 once the Quarticurve widget theme works.

* What about the icon theme?
That should just need a few symlinks to work fine with KDE 4 (it has some of 
the needed symlinks already, mostly those required by the icon-naming-spec, but 
not all, especially those where the KDE 4 name is just the KDE 3 name with 
dashes instead of underscores), I plan to make a list of the needed symlinks 
and get that straight upstream into redhat-artwork.

* Is this a contribution to the Fedora Project?
This is Not a Contribution under the CLA, however it is Free Software under the 
GPL and can thus be packaged for Fedora like any other GPLed upstream project. 
(In fact, I plan to submit a package once the annoying rendering glitches are 

        Kevin Kofler

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