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Re: fedora for ARM

Linus Walleij wrote:

2. As I understand it you employ the Fedora/x86 style of not using a
   cross-compiler to build these packages, but rather build them with ARM
   on ARM. I am aware of some RPM derivatives like those used by
   MontaVista, that employ a cross-compiler instead. What are your thought
   on these issues? Have you tested both solutions and come to the
   conclusion that the all-ARM-enclosed build system is the way to go?

In my somewhat limited experience cross-compiling of software which is not designed for that from day one is a big pain, let alone cross-compiling an entire distro! There are indeed some hacks around rpm to make the packahes think they are being build nativly, but what I've seen these are very gross hacks and still break often.

Native compiling definitively is the way to go, an alternative might be emulating the native system and building in the emulated system.



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