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FESCo Meeting Summary for 2007-05-31

2007 May 31 FESCo Meeting 
Members Present
      * Brian Pepple (bpepple) 
      * Jason Tibbitts (tibbs) 
      * Jesse Keating (f13) 
      * Toshio Kuratomi (abadger1999) 
      * Bill Nottingham (notting) 
      * Kevin Fenzi (nirik) 
      * Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore) 
      * Jeremy Katz (jeremy) 
      * Tom Callaway (spot) 
      * Rex Dieter (rdieter) 
      * Christian Iseli (c4chris) 
      * Josh Boyer (jwb) 
      * Warren Togami (warren) 
== Summary ==
Various Static Libs
      * FESCo approved the proposal for a blanket exception for packages
        which link against flex's libfl.a 
      * FESCo voted against a proposal for linking ipsvd statically
        against dietlibc. 
      * FESCo voted against a proposal against statically link libgcrypt
        into gaim-otr. 

      * Long discussion on how to solve some of our problems with the
        usage of acl's, which prevent people from fixing simple things
        like evr problems. 
      * For the interim, until a more permanent solution is implemented,
        tibbs & nirik have been given cvsadmin access, and if there are
        other Fedora contributors that commonly help out with such
        issue, and wish to also be given access please contact FESCo.
For full IRC log:

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