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Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2007-JUN-04

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== Spam-o-matic for rawhide ==
* the tool that generated the broken deps report at the end of the old rawhide emails
* notting is going to get 'spam-o-matic' working for rawhide reports again * including a full report of broken deps at the bottom of rawhide report mails like before the merge, and specific individual mails to maintainers with broken deps.
 * f13 will let mike schwendnt know that this is coming.

== Updates policy ==
* rel-eng is proposing to FESCo that Update tool defaults to pushing to updates-testing * Maintainer has option to "skip testing" and can do so without an "approver" roadblock. * UPdate gets marked as "hot" somehow visually so that releng / qa can look over before pushing if necessary

== Signing unsigned 7 packages ==
* To do some final Fedora 7 tree maintenance, replace unsigned packages with signed versions
   * chmod 644 all the files (not dirs).
* Test with cached yum metadata to see what happens, push to mirror master, alert mirrors.
   * Leave the i486/586/686/athlon stuff alone, fix those by updates.

== Disable tagged builds from srpms in koji ==
* Koji's little know ability to accept builds for tags directly from srpms rather than CVS checkouts will be disabled * This will prevent people from getting builds into collections that aren't managed in CVS.
     * This will NOT disrupt admins ability to bootstrap new arches.

== Freeze Policy ==
   * Defer to a subsequent meeting
   * Discuss release Freeze Requirments
     * determine what they are
     * document them
     * determine how to best manage them
     * get input from QA
* Start discussion on fedora-maintainers-list the write up results into a wiki page

== IRC Transcript ==

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