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Re: Announcing Quarticurve: Unofficial Bluecurve Qt 4 port

I just uploaded a version which is pretty much usable. Tab widgets need some 
work (fixing display glitches for tabs at the top and bottom, handling 
horizontal tabs instead of throwing those at the QCleanlooksStyle base class), 
there's a glitch with the dropdown pushbutton in the Qt Designer "New" dialog 
and there might be some remaining off-by-one issues left (Qt 3 defined height 
and width as width = right - left + 1 and height = bottom - top + 1, Qt 4 
instead uses height and width natively and defines right and bottom by those 
equations for compatibility reasons, which doesn't work that well because it 
means Qt 4 code now has a different idea of the size of the rectangle than 
ported Qt 3 code, causing these off-by-one errors), but other than that, it 
works pretty well now.

Of course, it could also use some cleanups, like using QStyleOption more 
consistently instead of peeking into widgets to get the needed information.

I also added a readme with installation instructions for those who want to try 
it out.

Same URL:

        Kevin Kofler

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