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Re: Why isn't emacs installed by default

Il giorno lun, 04/06/2007 alle 16.24 +0200, Nicolas Mailhot ha scritto:

> > Of course a custom text widget.  The rendering capability of *emacs is
> > similar to that of a typesetting word processor or a web browser.  Or
> > do you mean you're going to require Firefox and OpenOffice to use the
> > gtk text widget too for their main display?
> Those apps take care of the deps needed by their main text widget. And
> their text widget integrates cleanly with the rest of the desktop.

I don't really agree they always do, for example, see how Firefox
renders its widgets. Scroll bars never match the desktop theme, menu
don't even wobble when Compiz is enable, and the form widgets... well,
they simply are aliens...

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