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Re: [Fresh FC7 on x86_64]

P. Martinez wrote:

i have done an fresh install on
a x86_64 system. After all i found
a lot of .i386 rpm installed. In my
case over 128 packages.
I also noticed that they interfere
with x86_64 packages (over written
manual's or bin's). I prefer a clean,
one arch installation.
After a de-installation of all .i386
rpm's and successive reinstallation
some x86_64 packages. I can say/do
rpm -qaV with less response.

I haven't follow the multilib
discussion but is this intentional?

Thanks anyway for this
mature F(C) release.


I don't know about this all that much but could you maybe try and do an install with media created by Revisor? We have no multilib dependency resolving yet but we do set compatible archs. I'm curious as to whether we (Revisor) does anything wrong with not doing the multilib magic.

Thank you in advance,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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