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Re: CDs from DVD with Pungi almost works

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 10:44:26 Tony Nelson wrote:
> Pungi doesn't just use the comps.xml list of packages and the given repo to
> make the install images?  It gets some of its content from the running OS?
> Perhaps what Pungi gets from the running OS could be added to the
> documentation when that gets written.

Pungi reads a manifest file that is of kickstart syntax to determine what 
to "download".  It then has to run some anaconda tools on what it downloads 
to make them installable.  Those anaconda tools must match the version of 
anaconda that is in the distribution.  So you need Fedora 7 anaconda tools to 
compose Fedora 7, and those tools need other parts of Fedora 7, and so on.  I 
do believe this is documented at 
https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/pungi but maybe not clear enough, 
I'm not a docs writer.

> >> >comps is not used to determine what packages
> >> >get onto the media.  The manifest file does.  In the case of Fedora 7
> >> > there is an /etc/pungi/f7-fedora.manifest file shipped, as well as
> >> >an /etc/pungi/f7-fedora.i386/x86_64/ppc  file that can be slightly
> >> > modified to make CD isos.  Just uncomment and lower the cdsize
> >> > variable and increase the discs variable.
> >>
> >> Where is this .manifest file shipped?  There are no .manifest files on
> >> the DVD.
> >
> >It's shipped in the Fedora 7 pungi package.
> And apparantly can't be used by a Pungi that runs on FC6.  Too bad.
> Perhaps I'll be able to make do with the comps.xml file on the DVD.  (If it
> won't work, it would help to say how it won't work, because it seems to
> work.)

The resulting iso set will fail.  You'll have an install environment of Fedora 
7 packages built with Fedora 6 tools that are incompatible.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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