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Re: Announcing Quarticurve: Unofficial Bluecurve Qt 4 port

And now I uploaded another version:

> Tab widgets need some work (fixing display glitches for tabs at the top and
> bottom,


> handling [horizontally-positioned vertical] tabs instead of throwing those at
> the QCleanlooksStyle base class),


> there's a glitch with the dropdown pushbutton in the Qt Designer "New" dialog 


> and there might be some remaining off-by-one issues left

I fixed the ones I noticed, as well as a couple of other rendering glitches.

So now I'd consider the new version of at least beta quality. If you're 
desperately looking for a common widget style across GTK+ 2, Qt 3 and Qt 4 (and 
there's even an old GTK+ 1 version if you still use that, it's in the FC5 
redhat-artwork SRPM under art/gtk/Bluecurve1), Bluecurve and Quarticurve are 
probably what you're looking for. If on the other hand you always hated 
Bluecurve, then why are you still reading this thread? :-) Quarticurve is 
designed to look like Bluecurve, it is NOT a fork aiming at "modernizing" the 
style, whatever that means, so any suggestions aiming at changing how the style 
looks are not welcome. ;-) (You're of course welcome to base your own style on 
Quarticurve though, that's what the GPL is for.)

> Same URL:
> http://www.tigen.org/kevin.kofler/pcprogs/quarticurve.7z

        Kevin Kofler

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