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Re: PR: thunderbird-enigmail, building own thunderbird inside?

On Sun, 2007-06-03 at 22:07 +0200, Christopher Aillon wrote:
> And since Fedora's default GUI mail client, Evolution, supports GPG, I'd 
> probably recommend using that for now.  Yes, I did mean XULRunner.

I therefore propose two possible solutions to this Package Review

1. open new feature request (if not already opened) in bz for xulrunner
and block the review by it.

2. accept the package into fedora and as soon as it is imported to
bugzilla open new bug against it which could be either blocked by
xulrunner feature request or just left OPEN until xulrunner is imported
and thunderbird-enigmail patched against it.

What do you {all} think about it? Which approach seems more reasonable
to you? Or we should choose yet another one?

Thanks your for comments,

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