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Re: Unwanted RPM dependencies -size of glibc-common locales

Jeremy Katz wrote:

This is an incredibly Western-world-centric view of things that goes
over extremely poorly in many other countries.

If even the Italians can learn to read English, than anybody can!

Ok, seriously: I claim that the language problem is *not* solved
by translating error messages only.  What about man pages?
And filenames?  And command names?

Those partial translations are only going to make things worse,
because you need to make a guess to relate the output with
the input in many cases.

MS-DOS in Italian was real fun: on some errors, it would
print: "(A)nnulla, (R)iprova, (T)ralascia".  The first two
translate to the familiar (C)ancel and (R)etry.  The latter
word means something like "Don't bother", and I never got
to understand what it does :-)

Adding language support later was a very common request.  I still see
questions about it now that it's relatively easy... at least now, I can
give an easy answer ;-)

Isn't it as easy as doing "rpm --replacepkgs -F *.rpm" from the Fedora/

They do.  But they also don't support partial installs along these
lines.  Or at least, if they do, they don't then support using deltarpms

You convinced me that it's so impractical that it's not worth offering.
Anyway, if I compare what we offer with what the other OSes do, we
still give quite a lot of flexibility to the user.

  // Bernardo Innocenti
\X/  http://www.codewiz.org/

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