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Re: CDs from DVD with Pungi almost works

At 2:48 PM -0400 6/5/07, Jarod Wilson wrote:

>Tony Nelson wrote:
>> At 9:40 AM -0400 6/5/07, Jarod Wilson wrote:
>>> Tony Nelson wrote:
>>> I'd just use F7 to build
>>> CDs, get the posted somewhere, and get a torrent going.
>> Yes, please do!  Many people who need to install from CDs will thank you
>> for that!
>I wasn't actually offering, I was suggesting how *you* could do it. :)
>Seriously though, install mock on FC6, then create an F7 mock chroot.
>Then follow the docs on the pungi site on how to run pungi in a mock
>chroot. You'll be running the F7 pungi in an F7 chroot, and things
>should then work fine.

I'd think that only the most hard-core Fedora user would go to that much
effort.  Certainly I'm  not going to do it just for fun.  Anyone doing all
this would need detailed step-by-step instructions, and it would be several
times harder than just using Pungi alone.

I'm also not sure what you mean by "instructions on the pungi site", as I
didn't see any instructions, only a vague plan on how pungi might end up
being written.
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