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Re: CDs from DVD with Pungi almost works

At 7:04 PM +0200 6/5/07, Vnpenguin wrote:
>On 6/5/07, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
>> OK, too bad, no CDs for F7 from me then.
>> Perhaps someone else will do it with jigdo.
>> --
>Just make One-CD version of F7 with pungi. ISO size is about 685MB
>(Full Gnome desktop + Graphics + System tools) . Tested install on
>VMware ok :)

"Just make"?  How?  I need instructions, before I could do it and write the
detailed step-by-step instructions that other users would need.  Since the
people who need CDs to install F7 probably won't have F7 installed, the
instructions must work with only the DVD image.  Also the instructions
should tell them how to get the rest of the packages on the DVD if the
Internet is not available at the machine they're installing / upgrading.

>Sorry, I have NO bandwidth so I can not upload it.

Gee, same here.  I could upload it once, but if I were to host a Torrent it
would be at a very very low speed until July, and very slow thereafter.  I
have "unlimited" DSL and don't want my account terminated.
TonyN.:'                       <mailto:tonynelson georgeanelson com>
      '                              <http://www.georgeanelson.com/>

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