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Unmounting removable media under Gnome

When you insert a CD or DVD into your drive, Gnome automounts it. Nautilus allows you to eject the disc but doesn't seem to have an option to unmount it without ejecting at the same time. This causes some interoperability problems when using non-Gnome CD/DVD burning software, CD rippers, etc. which will often give up if your drive is mounted rather than unmounting it first.

For example, if you insert an audio CD which also has a data session, the data session is mounted and trying to rip the CD using Grip results in a failure.

Similarly, inserting a CD-RW or DVD-RW which has data on it results in it being immediately mounted which means that non-Gnome software, such as k3b, cannot erase the media.

Additionally, it appears that the logged in user does not have permission to umount the disc - the only work around seems to be to open a terminal, log in as root and manually umount the device.

Are there any good reasons why Nautilus should not have an option to unmount without ejecting?


 - Steve
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