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Re: Splitting the ncurses RPM

On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 07:34:30PM -0400, Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
> >I'm not sure about removing terminfo from default Fedora install,
> >Users can connect via ssh and use many different terminals.
> Then let's make the default choice broad enough to include
> any hardware or software terminals shipped with the last
> 10 years.  I'm sure we could _still_ get rid of 95% of that
> junk.
> A safe bet could be taking what Debian is also shipping:
> Eterm
> Eterm-color -> Eterm
> ansi
> cons25
> cygwin
> umb
> hurd
> linux
> mach
> mach-bold
> mach-color
> pcansi
> rxvt
> rxvt-basic
> rxvt-m -> rxvt-basic
> rxvt-unicode
> screen
> screen-bce
> screen-s
> screen-w
> sun
> vt100
> vt102
> vt220
> vt52
> wsvt25
> wsvt25m
> xterm
> xterm-color
> xterm-debian
> xterm-mono
> xterm-r5
> xterm-r6
> xterm-vt220
> xterm-xfree86

This list is far too short, xterm-256color, gnome, teraterm, jfbterm,
mrxvt and others should be included. I guess it will be pretty hard to
select from descriptions so the extra terminfo package won't have to
be installed by default.

Installing all descriptions by default (and removing the package only
when it's sure it's not needed) might be a better choice. Although
there will be a problem with upgrading from old ncurses as nothing
will depend on the new package.

Any ideas?

Miroslav Lichvar

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