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Re: Announcing the Fedora Award winners for 2007

dexter wrote:
Not to take anything away from the winners but where was the community involvement here, Can you show me what list this was proposed on previously? and who judged this award please.

I must say I'm a bit disappointed by this action too, lately there has been a lot of uproar that those "managing" Fedora seem to have lost touch with the "workfloor". This award to me confirms that there is an in-crowd, an old boys network, and the rest of us. And to get into this in-crowd one mainly must do a lot of irc-meetings and mailing, actually working oneself into sweat isn't enough.

I'm sad to say that these awards mainly seems to be about who can (social) network the most, and not necessarily about contributing.

With this I in no way mean to put down the great work done by most of the award receivers. However I do see a drift forming here between some kinda in-crowd and the rest, which is an alarming development.

For example why isn't Tibbs on the list, without ihs gargantuan efforts, our whole (great) review process would have collapsed under its own weight.



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