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Re: fedora for ARM

On 6/6/07, Brendan Conoboy <blc redhat com> wrote:
There is something to be said for target emulation or
run-parts-of-the-build-on-hardware solutions, but I think the best
answer is one where any available host can compile Fedora for any target.

Isn't that exactly what we'd get with target emulation? Any available
host that can run an emulator could then build all of fedora Fedora
for ARM or PowerPC or whatever.

Supporting cross-compiling would be great, but having spent a several
weeks fighting with Python and its libraries last year and losing, I
suspect scouring the other nine zillion Fedora packages for
cross-correctness is no small exercise, not to mention battling new
bugs as they crop up. Of course supporting an emulator is not trivial
either, but Qemu already works for ARM and is only somewhat broken for

That said, there is certainly room for both approaches, and getting
even a small number of packages to cross-compile might be enough for
many embedded applications.


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