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Re: Unmounting removable media under Gnome

On Wed, 6 Jun 2007, David Zeuthen wrote:

False. As of Fedora 7, umount from the command line works just fine

Ok, fair comment - I only burn and rip CDs under FC6 so hadn't tried under F7. My mistake.

Are there any good reasons why Nautilus should not have an option to
unmount without ejecting?

Are the any good reasons why CD-burning software can't invoke umount(8)
or do something else themselves? Nautilus-CD-Burner been able to do this
for years...

Well no, there probably aren't any good reasons why they _can't_, but the point is they _don't_. Your comment is rather like "there's no point in supporting FAT32 since there's no good reason why Microsoft couldn't write ext3 support into Windows" - nice in theory but in the real world you can't just assume that what you consider to be the "right way" to do things is going to be compatible with what other people are actually doing (or indeed what other people consider to be "the right way").

If there's an explicit unmount option then compatibility is maintained and everyone's happy.


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