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Re: fedora for ARM

Ed Swierk wrote:
Isn't that exactly what we'd get with target emulation? Any available
host that can run an emulator could then build all of fedora Fedora
for ARM or PowerPC or whatever.

I don't mean to exclude target emulation as an option, it's just not where my particular interest is. Here's why:

1. It is always slower than native or cross compilation.

2. It only exists for a small number of platforms.

One of the advantages of cross compiling is that it's not just for arm, it's for anything. You can create a mesh of cross compilers such that any arch can build a target for any other arch. Is the s390 slow or down? No problem, build on one of the plentiful x86 hosts. Cross compilation has the potential to realize maximum use of build hosts and consequently turn around faster builds.

Supporting cross-compiling would be great, but having spent a several
weeks fighting with Python and its libraries last year and losing, I
suspect scouring the other nine zillion Fedora packages for

Packages like Python and Perl do take some work, but a number of individuals have already done that work. Multiple times. Multiple approaches. Fedora becoming cross friendly could have the effect of unifying those efforts, getting cross changes upstream, ending all the waste.

That said, there is certainly room for both approaches, and getting
even a small number of packages to cross-compile might be enough for
many embedded applications.

Definitely. For cross compilation, I picture a per-package flag in Koji that marks it as cross-friendly or not. There are certainly numerous technical and social details to work out to making such a system work and work equitably. We're just getting started.

Brendan Conoboy / Red Hat, Inc. / blc redhat com

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