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Re: mc missing from F7 DVD?

> On the other hand, it's 2.5gig less to download to get an installer image.
> You can add the Everything repo at install time to gain access to every 
> package in Fedora.

But if you need network connectivity to obtain a system tailored to your needs in the first place, then you can simply download "boot.iso" which is only a few MB large and perform a network install (which is what I usually do at work but not at home where I only have a modem connection). There are still enough people out there who do not have a fast network connection at home and who have to rely exclusively on physical install media. Moreover, because of a priori unclear dependencies, it's cumbersome to burn required add-on packages on a CD to find out later that one is missing a prerequisite.

> What is on the DVD has been an ongoing process from Test1 all the
> way though Test4 and even the RC. I've taken the feedback and
> adjusted the manifest file for the DVD as appropriate. If you didn't
> notice it before, well I couldn't help you then.  What's important
> to note is what is on the DVD is _not_ what is /in/ Fedora.
> All the packages are there, it's a quick yum or Add/Remove Software
> session away.
> -- 
> Jesse Keating
> Release Engineer: Fedora

Well, I made my point, among others in the thread on the "Classic" spin for "F7T2" which I am actually missing for "F7": https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2007-February/msg00993.html

Respinning the install media for home use is also not possible for everybody, as this requires hardware resources (disk space) which are not always available, e.g. in the case of notebooks.
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