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Re: fedora for ARM

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 12:12:43PM +0100, Andy Green wrote:

> Hi Lennert -


> > When you start doing board-specific customisations, being able to
> > cross-compile some designated subset of Fedora packages makes a ton
> > of sense to me, and as I said, that's definitely something where
> > we'd like to go, but not yet in this stage, and it's possible that
> > this will never be non-intrusive enough and make enough sense for
> > general use to be merged back into Fedora -- but we'll see.
> Don't forget Fedora itself can gain advantages from just being able
> to cross-compile between the arches it already supports, including
> now ARM, spreading the benefit around more than just for the ARM/
> embedded case.  This koji thing seems to be a cenralized build farm
> workaround for not being able to cross compile already for example...

I am not forgetting that, all I said was that I just don't think we
should pile every change to Fedora that could ever be useful on
embedded targets together into one patch repository and then present
that as a fait accomplis 'Fedora ARM patch set'.

When the ARM dust settles and people start spending effort on trying
to make Fedora more cross-friendly, I'll certainly be contributing to
that effort, but as I said, there's still a possibility that it turns
out that this is not realistically doable without making life hard
for everyone else, in which case part(s) of that effort might have to
be maintained externally.  "We'll see."

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