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Re: fedora for ARM

Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

> I am not forgetting that, all I said was that I just don't think we
> should pile every change to Fedora that could ever be useful on
> embedded targets together into one patch repository and then present
> that as a fait accomplis 'Fedora ARM patch set'.

Well, clearly that wouldn't be a Fedora ARM patch set any more, so fair
enough.  I agree your patches are a separate issue, it's another arch
support added for native compile same as say s390 and that is fine.
This all came up on the same thread but talking about building cross
isn't saying anything about your patches at all or trying to tie them to
the issue of cross compiling.

Fedora targeting OLPC and now ARM though, the spread of system
capability being aimed at is clearly increasing over time, not
decreasing.  That does make more reasons to look not only at cross but
at more than One True Configuration for some core packages that are in
themselves quite configurable at compile time.


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