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Re: fedora for ARM

On Thu, Jun 07, 2007 at 10:20:36AM -0600, Brendan Conoboy wrote:

> > While this works fine for different ARM arch levels, the only case
> > where this breaks down is for VFP and iWMMXt and such, since they are
> > optional and not a property of the arch level, so another solution
> > needs to be found for those.
> You can handle this, to an extent, with the target triplet- 
> arm-linux-gnu is pretty generic, so it's better to have names like 
> armv5l-linux-gnu (little endian) armv5b-linux-gnu (big endian), 
> armv5l-softvfp-linux-gnu (little endian soft floating point).  It can 
> get pretty long.

Hmm.  I was talking about what rpm arch name to use for packages
compiled with VFP/iWMMXt (and noted that that decision was not entirely
trivial because they are not encoded in the ARMvN arch spec level and
so the default format does not convey enough info.)

Are you suggesting to use the target triple as the rpm arch name?

Isn't gcc-4.1.2-12.armv5l-softvfp-linux-gnueabi.rpm kind of long?

(Note that our package repo uses eabi, where vfp byte/word order
and softfloat are the default, so we don't encode those bits of
info explicitly.  The packages use 'armv5tel' as the rpm arch name.)

> That said, I don't see anywhere in the near future 
> that Fedora is going to support a multitude of arm variants.  Big and 
> Little endian with an implicit baseline (v5?) is probably enough 
> distinction for a while to come.


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