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RE: a look at my spec file for Webmin

This is from a srpm from www.webmin.com.  Yes it has worked  on Fedora 6.
The reason I don't follow guidelines is there is no
 Examples. I tried understanding them but they are a little too in depth for
beginning users.  The guidelines I do use are found here:
The guidelines need to be geared more towards a beginner if you want more
  I understand that not everything can be predicted but a good tutorial
would be in the order for beginners.  I just took the spec file and added
what the document said to add.  The document given as a link  hasn't been
updated in two years.

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El Jueves, 7 de Junio de 2007 18:12, Scott Berry escribió:
> Can someone have a look at this spec file and tell me if I have everything
> correct?  It looks correct to me pretty much but I think there are just a
> couple things missing.  I will attach this as a file.
> Scott

The thing is...that works for you?
If you're looking for the correct way to write spec files why you don't

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