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Re: Fedora 8 ideas

Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
> I originally came to this idea after going through some pain to get my SIL 
> card (prism 2 softmac, driver prism_pci) to work. So add prism cards to 
> that, notice that I bought that card very recently, so those are still in 
> the stores.
> Also aren't there many many ralink + bcm cards, you make it sound like 
> those are rare.

Right, but I'd like to work with the mfrs, if at all possible, to get
the firmware redistribution rights. (The ralink one is especially silly,
as they offer the firmware free for download on their site... with no

> >>3 plugin buddy
> >>==============
> >>
> >>Like codec buddy, but then for firefox plugins. Why?
> >>because firefox plugin find service doesn't undserstand to
> >>install nspluginwrapper (needs to get into Fedora) and then
> >>flash on x86_64. Nor knows it to change the selinux type of
> >>realplayer to get it to work with our default enabled
> >>selinux policy.
> >
> ><die realplayer die>
> >
> >So, *if* we install nspluginwrapper by default, does firefox
> >then do the right thing?
> >
> Nope, I tried that.

Is this something that can be patched and fixed in firefox?

> >I'm not really thrilled about working on this because
> >of a) the insinuation, at least, of moderate endorsement
> >b) the fact that it seems it would be going down a rathole
> >of chasing-the-fixes-for-each-new-package.
> I'm not asking anyone to be thrilled about working on this, what I'm asking 
> is do others agree this might have (some) added value for Fedora, and more 
> in general would such a beast be acceptable?

I'd say it's somewhat unacceptable. Wouldn't the effort be better
spent on making things like evince, kvm, etc. full alternatives,
rather than building bridges out of band-aids? (Yes, I realize
the skill sets involved are not the same.)


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