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Re: Feature idea: package an installer image as a grub entry before F8.

Can we currently upgrade via anaconda installed on the system?

Maybe we should have some way to launch anaconda via grub? Get it to
do the upgrade however it does that atm?

to have a higher "live" time, maybe do the dep resolving beforehand
(possibly downloading packages to a different location than the
standard yum place_?

A potential workflow:

1. Type "yum upgrade" (or something else "fedora upgrade"? or maybe
some gui saying "upgrade to next version or something")
1a. Somehow find out if an upgrade is available. Maybe download latest
anaconda - probably not installed as part of current install, but a
separate boot entry.
2. Yum resolves dependencies and downloads them to a new location.
3. (default) Boot entries for anaconda are added and the user is asked
to restart.
4. Anaconda starts
5. Anaconda does it's thing minus the normal screens asking for the
info we already have - a simple upgrade with no (default) options to
change package selection etc.

The issue I think will be step 2 where yum may not be able to read the
new comps file. In that case, just move that stage to after
relaunching in anaconda (Order being 1,3,4,2,5).

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