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x86_64 nightmare on F7

I have to admit that I'm net in the multilib universe. I just installed
F7 x86_64 on my brand new laptop and there are strange things happening.
Maybe I'm just stupid, but I think there's something seriously wrong
with package management.

$ rpm -qa --qf %{NAME}\\n | sort | uniq -d | wc
        259     259     2634

So 259 of 1364 Packages are installed in both versions, i386 and x86_64.
And it's not just libraries or devel packages. For example, I have
firefox installed twice, and both packages have conflicting files.

$ rpm -qf --qf %{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}-%{ARCH}\\n

Another example: With "yum groupinstall XFCE" I get a lot of i386
packages too. I can remove the i386 ones, but this will break the x86_64
versions. rpm -V tells me that not much of the package is left, in most
cases only the contents of /usr/lib64 is still there. So I tried to
reinstall the i386 Version, just to see what happens. But this time yum
correctly prevents me from doing this and shows a file conflict. 

Please take a look at
and correct me if I'm wrong, but IMO package management on multilib
systems is completely broken ATM.


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