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Re: Eliminating static binaries (Was: Unwanted RPM dependencies)

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le Jeu 7 juin 2007 09:16, Bernardo Innocenti a écrit :
but the point is still valid: Linux has become somewhat bloated
over time.

And it will become unbloated by converging on a new common set of core
dynamic libraries, and optimizing them (like pango & qt people are
doing for harfbuzz, like popler did before, etc)

I didn't know about Harfbuzz, good to see somone is hard
working on the desktop convergence!

Static linking is not the solution. Experience shows it only leads to
many forks of the same code that bloat memory usage and increase

I totally agree.  Did I give the impression of thinking otherwise?

By the way, Apple banned static linking with libc and other system
libraries in OSX a long time ago.  The rationale is somewhere in
their knowledge base and it's pretty straightforward.  So I think
we should follow up and do the same on Linux too.

  // Bernardo Innocenti
\X/  http://www.codewiz.org/

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