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RE: a look at my spec file for Webmin

How is the contact made for the original sender I see no email or anything?
Just a reply to the bug?


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On 6/7/07, Jos Vos <jos xos nl> wrote:
> My advice:
> -  Start reading <http://docs.fedoraproject.org/drafts/rpm-guide-en/>.
> -  Browse through some spec files, e.g. by going to the Fedora directory
>    with 4200+ src.rpm's and get all the spec files like this:
>    mkdir /tmp/specs
>    for f in *.src.rpm; do
>         rpm2cpio $f | (cd /tmp/specs; cpio -iuvdm '*.spec')
>    done
> -  Start experimenting and ask questions on a mailing list.

Add to that:

 - subscribe to fedora-package-review list, so you get an idea of the
common mistakes a beginner does.

This is even more useful if you need a sponsor, since you are supposed
to do some reviews (partial, full, just comments, etc) in order to
show your understanding of the guidelines.

PS. btw, webim was already submitted for review in:
you may want to contact the original submitter and start from his spec file.

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