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Re: Feature idea: package an installer image as a grubentrybeforeF8.

On Thursday 07 June 2007 20:35:23 Scott Berry wrote:
> You know I am not sure.  I imagine they do.  You know another idea would be
> to make a spin off the regular dvd and do it that way too.  Maybe have that
> as a Fedora mirror download though?  Would that work?  Also projects like
> Orca use people out in the community for translating their speech maybe
> something like that could be the same with Fedora.  I think the real
> problem would be finding a good speech engine that would work.  Festival is
> okay but I understand there are other engines like espeak that might work
> too.  You could use synthesized speech.

Having done QA at Microsoft, and now here at Fedora as part of spinning 
distros, it's far easier to QA a single iso set with multiple translations 
than to QA a multitude of iso sets.  Really not something I want to get into, 
but that's just me, I'm a lazy bastard.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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