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Re: f7 images for mass production

Warren Togami wrote:
Max Spevack wrote:
I wanted to throw a question out to devel-list and Will Woods.

We're getting ready to mass-produce Fedora 7 LiveCDs and DVDs.

I would like to know if the conventional wisdom is that we should use the GOLD images, or if it is worthwhile to use an updated image (either of the LiveCD or of the DVD), in order to pull in any of the updates that have already been published.


IMHO, we should try to ship with an updated kernel and anaconda that fixes the most critical bugs like:
- Dell Core2Duo wont boot.
- e1000 is busted on many laptops.
- (I don't know exactly what, but I heard updates.img mentioned, so there might be important anaconda bugs.)

So the next question would be, if you are fixing important bugs and doing a respin why are you not doing a point release publicly?


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