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Re: f7 images for mass production

On 08/06/07, Max Spevack <mspevack redhat com> wrote:
On Fri, 8 Jun 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

> As we've seen in this thread there are a lot of things we'd really
> like to have fixed on the pressed media, simply because the release
> has been out for a while and things inevitably fell out of a wider
> audience using them.  To be perfectly honest I think we should just
> swallow the poisen pill and press the media as shipped, with a paper
> insert warning people about know issues and recommending immediate
> update.  We'll just pretend like we had these pressed weeks ago when
> the isos went gold.

I guess the main question is "is the effort that it would take to
produce a new ISO worth the bug fixes that would get in, and the
potential new bugs that might emerge."

Jesse and Thomas Chung think no.  I see that others think yes.  I'm
inclined to go with Jesse and Thomas's opinions on this, since Jesse
feels most of the rel-eng pain and Thomas feels most of the "end user
getting one of those discs" pain.

If their opinions change before Monday, then so be it.  Otherwise, I
guess I'll just use the GOLD ISOs and that will be that.

I still think it was right to ask the quesiton, though.

FWIW, so do I. I'm not sure what the Fedora Unity folks are up to these days - the website looks a touch stagnant - but perhaps re-spins with updates can always be done should there be the need for them as we now know. I'd vote for shipping gold.


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