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Re: f7 images for mass production

On Friday 08 June 2007 13:48:54 Max Spevack wrote:
> So just to be clear, Jesse:
> Is your recommendation:
> 100% GOLD images or "updates.img"

Yes.  The only issue I've seen that is worthy of updates.img is release notes 
in other languages, and we can fix that to not just fall back to English but 
actually display the translated notes if they're on disk.  The bug was 2 
part.  1) the translated notes were not on Media.  They haven't been for 
Fedora for many releases now, this is not a new problem.  2) Anaconda 
wouldn't fall back to English of the translated file wasn't found, this is 
the "new" problem I think, and fixed in updates.img.

> If the latter, who's going to build it and hand it to me?

That would fall to me and the Anaconda team.  Them to produce the updates.img, 
me to mkisofs the isos, QA to test.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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