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Re: The Future of Fedora Package Management and the RPM Philosophy

On Friday 08 June 2007 15:00:17 Jeffrey C. Ollie wrote:
> If we want to be more radical, we could integrate the package and the
> patch repositories. Package building would no longer use pristine
> sources and patches to produce a binary package. Instead, the build
> system would pull already-patched code out of the repository and build
> the binary package from there.

I have to question why the build would have to be this way?  If you've got the 
prestine source branch, and you've got the patch branches, is there no way to 
extract the patches to such a format that they will apply to the prestine 
source, and stack them appropriately?  Could we not extract a patch or patch 
set from each of the patch branches to a set of patch files in proper order, 
use them in the spec against a prestine tarball to generate the rpm?  This 
way we get the benefit of both worlds.  If we're pie in the skying, I simply 
don't accept that we have to sacrifice prestine tarball + patches in our 
srpms just to get a way to manage patches against an exploaded source.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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