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Re: Reply-To header munging for fedora-devel-list@

Axel Thimm wrote:

could we change the list configuration not to munge
the Reply-To header, so that when we "Reply All", we
actually don't loose the Cc list?

Why do you lose the Cc list with reply *all*? At least my mutt
doesn't, so perhaps its a MUA issue?

It's not lost in my MUA... it's just that the original
senders are not being moved to Cc by the list server
before replacing the Reply-To header with the list

See?  I've selected reply-all, and got a replay to
the list only, not to you *and* the list as one would
expect by a function labeled "reply all".

The way it's configured now makes it very difficult to
notice own's replies in threads.

Why? the From: field doesn't change, you're still the author of your

e-mail clients use From: only when there's no "Reply-To"
The "Reply-To" header means: "instead of replying to my
from address, please reply to here".

But some of these lists you mention are not subscriber only.

I also think lists should be open to posting by non-subscribers...
Otherwise cross-posting is painful and doesn't work as intended
(i.e.: you get half of the messages in each list).

The spam argument is easily dismissed once you notice that
linux-kernel@ is almost 100% spam free despite being open.
So it just takes some clever filtering to solve this problem.

  // Bernardo Innocenti
\X/  http://www.codewiz.org/

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