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Re: Fedora 7: Gnome menu and Evolution

Sorry about the cross-post but for some reason some of  my "valid" messages
are not getting through onto either lists so I thought I'd try both for a 
posts and hopefully send successfully and receive a response sucessfully.

It might have something to do with moderation??



"Rahul Sundaram" <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote in message 
news:46691D87 2010505 fedoraproject org   
> Shams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I installed Evolution and it too me a while to find where it was 
>> installed
>> in the Gnome menu.
>> It is Internet -> Mail
>> but why?
>> Shouldn't it should just be called Internet -> Evolution or Internet -> 
>> Evolution Email Client
>> Just like Fiefox shows up as Internet -> Firefox Web Browser
>> Just like ThunderBird shows up as Internet -> ThunderBird
>> And just like Outlook Express shows up as All Program -> Outlook Express
>> Why hide its identity?
> We already had a discussion along similar lines in this list before so you 
> might want to look at the archives in fedora-devel. I noticed that you 
> have been cross posting the recent mails. Don't do that.
> Rahul
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