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Re: f7 images for mass production

lør, 09 06 2007 kl. 09:48 +0200, skrev Chitlesh GOORAH:
> On 6/8/07, Thomas Chung wrote:
> > In my personal opinion, we should distribute media exact same release
> > of F7 final images.
> +1.
> In fact, releasing new spins will
> - confuse (newbies/new fedora) users who are downloading an iso.
> - support theories like "fedora is not a stable platform". I don't
> know if you came across to the same conclusion like i do while reading
> the bunch of fedora 7 reviews out there. They all converge to "fedora
> isn't well tested before release". If not in general F7 was a great
> fedora release.

So.. we aren't tested, thus instead of attempting to utilize our new
found freedom we should continue to issue a release with known bugs and
security holes.. because it will make us look bad if we attempt to fix
it? I think the damage is already done and regardless the very same
updates will be downloaded after install in 99% of cases so we get to
attempt to fix this and we get to save users bandwidth. 

Reviews are some what unreliable as they all seem to dwell on the codec
issue and that kind of thing. What I hear from people on the forums I
frequent even non-Fedora users are impressed with F7 and we are praised
for the stability and performance especially of our Firefox build (which
in quite a few cases is rated at twice the stability of what shipped in
the last Ubuntu release - good work callion). 

> After many battles, Fedora is now regarded as community driven project
> by linux communities and other companies..
> Now the only 2 'bad' tags fedora has are:
> - distro upgrades (Fn to Fn+1)
> - testing before release.

Trust me Fedora is not regarded as a community project by anyone by
people actually in the Fedora community, I had to politely correct a lot
of friends in the Linux podcasting world to have them stop saying "Red
Hat's distro" or "Red Hat has released Fedora X". As for testing, if you
think it's such a big problem, the QA team welcomes you to join our
ranks instead of passing on the causes for bad reputation.

Now in the time spend saying "This hasn't been tested" don't you think
someone could have written a mail to the QA list to ask us to bang on
the serious updates like a new kernel and what hardware configurations
need testing... no such thing is happening, instead we see constant
berating of our work in the F7 cycle. 

Be part of the solution, not the problem - please.

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