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updates-testing is not useful

It seems we want to get testing on packages before they go to updates, but we lose valuable testing time by having to wait for someone to notice the package is there, sign it and push it.

As it is, most of my packages do not get tested in -testing but by uploading to my people page or my gnome.org page or my fd.o page.

I could either provide the packages on other webspace i control and link to it in bugs, or say "Hi. I built teh packages for you to test but you can't test them right now. I don't really know when though cuz I can't control it. Um, Real soon now! Honest! Keep checking. lolz"

Can we implement some sort of auto-signing-and-pushing mechanism for _testing_ packages at least? I do see the value in having a human make a decision for the final repository, but am having a hard time coming up with a good reason for -testing.

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