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Re: Reply-To header munging for fedora-devel-list@

Axel Thimm wrote:

On a subscriber-only list I consider that a feature. I hate getting
duplicate emails, especially ones that don't have a List-Id: header to
properly sort the mail (like the Cc'd mail wouldn't have).

You probably get duplicate e-mail also for cross-postings when
you're subscribed to both lists.  But is it a big deal?  You only
read them once anyway.

But how did you notice this reply for you on fedora-list?
The way I do it, is very unreliable and clumsy: grou by
thread, search for my own postings, look if they have any
unread replies.

But some of these lists you mention are not subscriber only.
I also think lists should be open to posting by non-subscribers...
Otherwise cross-posting is painful and doesn't work as intended
(i.e.: you get half of the messages in each list).

But cross-posting is discouraged anyway.

Discouraged by whom?  If I post with a subject such as
"kernel with selinux enabled slows down OpenGL", I'd
cross-post to all relevant lists: fedora-devel@,
linux-kernel@, selinux@, mesa3d-dev@ and dri
People subscribed to these lists are likely to be interested.
If they're not, they will just skip the thread after reading
the subject.

Let's not talk about bandwidth issues, please.  I can
comfortably read 10-20 high-traffic lists even with my
slow connection at home.  And web services such as gmame
and gmail make it easy even from hand-helds.

The spam argument is easily dismissed once you notice that
linux-kernel@ is almost 100% spam free despite being open.


I stand corrected.  (but see the replies: people /like/ open
lists for the same reasons I gave)

OK, there are a couple of mailing lists on this very server that are
open to anyone just have a look at for example
video4linux-list redhat com to see the amount of spam.

I can't see the archives without subscribing first.  But what
kind of filtering did RedHat put in front of their listserver?

Maybe I've not ran lists with such high-profile, but I have
two dozens of lists in my mailman and easily got rid of almost
all the incoming spam.  I see one every few days, which is
very affordable.

  // Bernardo Innocenti
\X/  http://www.codewiz.org/

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