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Re: updates-testing is not useful

At 12:25 PM -0400 6/9/07, Jesse Keating wrote:

>On Saturday 09 June 2007 10:11:42 Christopher Aillon wrote:
>> Can we implement some sort of auto-signing-and-pushing mechanism for
>> _testing_ packages at least?  I do see the value in having a human make
>> a decision for the final repository, but am having a hard time coming up
>> with a good reason for -testing.
>Updates-testing wouldn't be useful then either as we could have all kinds of
>broken deps in the repo (not that we can stop it right now, but that is being
>worked on).

(Horning in here.)

What if there were a daily message to fedora-list from something like the
build system, listing first the new packages in updates-testing, followed
by all the packages in updates-testing?  Each package entry would be
accompanied by links to the bugzillas relevent to the update (the current
changelog entries are nice, but what is wanted here is testing reports).
At the bottom would be boilerplate on how to use updates-testing from the
yum command line and what to watch out for (massive other updates at the
same time:  just say "N"!).

What I've found in looking around the wiki, is that the procedures for
updates-testing aren't well defined nor is testing that easily done.  I
think a daily message would put updates-testing to work.  Probably all of
it is easy except listing the bugzillas relevent to each updated package.
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