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Re: The updates firehose

On Sa Juni 9 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

> coming from Extras where it was just fire and forget.  While that might be
> fun for the maintainer, is it fun for the user?  Is it fun for the user
> with a slow connection?

A slow connection is never fun ;-). But seriously, nobody is forced to update 
and thanks to bodhi and iirc the yum-security plugin[1] it is even possible 
to install only security updates. Also I guess there are many updates from 
Extras Packages, that are released now because of the Freeze, so the amount 
of updates will be less the next weeks. And the user in me likes up to date 
software very much. And to make it more fun for users with a slow connection, 
yum-presto will help a lot more. But maybe there should be also delta-xml 
files for the repository metadata, because it takes very long to download 
these, too, with a slow connection.


[1] But I don't know, whether or not it is already in Fedora 7

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