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Re: The updates firehose

On Saturday, 09 June 2007 at 22:05, Jesse Keating wrote:
> Anybody else think we're issuing entirely /way/ too many updates?  We've had 
> 138 "stable" updates, and 177 current "testing" updates.  If all those were 
> to go stable, we're talking over 300 updates, in just over a week.

That's normal, I'd say. Same thing happened right after FC6 release.

> Seriously.  We're drowning our users in updates.  Are all of them really 
> necessary?

Fedora is known for having the latest software. I'm actually happy to see
those, because it means you haven't killed maintainers' willingness to keep
updating their packages despite adding new hoops to jump through.

> I feel like we've got this culture of update whatever/whenever coming
> from Extras where it was just fire and forget.

I feel like you're saying that Core's "culture" (whatever you mean by that)
should have precedence over Extras' and that "your way" is better than
"our way". I assure you that Extras maintainers didn't just "fire and forget"
their updates. They were tested. Yes, some accidents happened, but that was
the price of greater freedom the maintainers used to have. So please don't
try to discourage those who managed to put up with all the new obstacles any

> While that might be fun for the maintainer, is it fun for the user?  Is
> it fun for the user with a slow connection?



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