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Re: Web based interface for custom spins

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Is anyone looking into writing a web interface that can do custom spins
> using pungi and livecd-tools in the background? Revisor is useful as a
> graphical wrapper but it requires Fedora to be installed already.
> Having a web interface would allow anyone to select the package groups
> and individual packages and get a ISO image for download. I posted to
> fedora-infrastructure list before but we need a web app before talking
> about deploying it.
> There is new effort launched in http://respins.org to provide a forum
> and encourage community respins or derivatives of Fedora and they have
> expressed a interest in this too.
> Rahul


Revisor is aiming to also do a web-interface driven mode. The implicit
CLI mode that comes with this is already in Revisor, although we may
need to clean it up a little since we haven't been giving it that much
love lately. Revisor doesn't necessarily require Fedora to be installed
already though, as we have also done successful Fedora spins from a
CentOS box. Basically, from where we stand now, we can (or should be
able to) run on any RPM/YUM enabled machine.

Kind regards,

Jeroen van Meeuwen

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