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Re: The updates firehose

Neil Thompson wrote:

And very shortly you're going to be asking for a policy to be written which
defines when the maintainers are going to be allowed to have bowel movements,
aren't you?

Completely Unrelated.

The strengths of Fedora are its leading (even bleeding, at times) edge software
and its maintainers.  I had hoped that the merge would lead to more freedom and
faster throughput for new software, but it looks as though we're on the verge
of a coup by anal, hide-bound, corporate control freaks. (<- hyperbole, but it
worries me)

Who exactly are you calling that?

Please folks - if you're going to build a community, make sure that you have only
the governance that is necessary and NO MORE!  Leave the maintainers (who have been
appointed to look after the packages) to do their jobs.  Address mistakes and issues
on a case-by-case basis and don't hamstring everyone with a bunch of pettifogging

Updates policy has been requested before by community folks too. You don't even have to necessarily change your current practises. Just document them explicitly.


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