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Re: The updates firehose

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On Jun 9, 2007, at 4:05 PM, Jesse Keating wrote:

Anybody else think we're issuing entirely /way/ too many updates? We've had 138 "stable" updates, and 177 current "testing" updates. If all those were
to go stable, we're talking over 300 updates, in just over a week.

This doesn't seem so bad to me -- and for the record, yes, I'm on a very slow and unreliable connection :)

Even if we say that there are 300 updates at this point, that is still a small percentage of the total number of packages. In my 'Everything' SRPMs directory, I see 4229 packages. That means that only 7% of packages have been updated (including updates-testing) since release.

I know that in my case, I would have updated before release but I waited for the freeze to unthaw -- I'm sure there were many other packagers in the same boat. The point is, we're bound to see a larger number of updates just after release than we should expect to see in general for the lifetime of the release.

- -Jeff
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